100GB Free Cloud Storage: These days Cloud storage are becoming common way to store important data. People are becoming more aware about security of their data. Many internet users around the world put their data in cloud for easy availability of that data anywhere around the world.

Imagine a situation When you need an important office doc file which you frequently use. But you have left that file in Pendrive  and you have forgotten to take that Pendrive with you. What will you do now? Probably you have to go back or call someone to get that pendrive for you. But if you have put that doc file in cloud storage then you have no worries to take any type of pendrive.You  data will always be stores in cloud and you get that data anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

100GB Free Cloud Storage

As our data increase day by day, amount of cloud storage should also  be increased in order to cater our needs. But most of the popular cloud storage services does not provide a hefty amount of free cloud storage. In that situation, either you have to adjust with low amount of cloud storage or pay for increasing cloud storage space.

Then how will you get more amount of cloud storage? This article will give you the way to get 100GB Free Cloud Storage. Yes, you heard right, you will get 100GB of free cloud storage without paying a single dime. All you need to just read this article and follow it.

Ways To Get 100GB Free Cloud Storage

Below are the some service which will give you 100GB free cloud storage for sure. Let’s proceed.

1. Zoolz


Zoolz will seem new to many internet users. But it’s a great free cloud storage service which will give 100GB of cloud storage on every sign up. What a great deal. 100GB of cloud storage is enough for most of the internet users. You can easily upload your important files including pics, videos, documents, software and any other digital data. Zoolz make it super-easy to view your data on any device including smartphone, tablet and computer. Some of the prominent features of Zoolz cloud storage are listed below:

  • Access Files Anywhere

You can access the files anywhere in the world and with any mobile device without any need of client software or app. But client software and apps are also available for major operating systems like Android and iOS. But other platforms still can access Zoolz on their web browser.

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  • A.I Photo Detection

A.I Photo Detection is an innovative feature from Zoolz. Now it is very easy to search your photos uploaded in the cloud. It allows us to find the photos by search the name of the object appearing with in that photo.

  • Tribrid Backup

Zoolz use Tribrid Backup. It includes three types of backups including Instant, Cold and Local Storage. It allows you to select what data to store on each storage type.

  • Better Security

Zoolz ensures full security of your data on their server. It uses Amazon S3 servers for data storage. Files in your Zoolz account will be encrypted with 256-bit AES encryption. They also incorporates ECC asymmetric cryptographic algorithm. Even Zoolz staff can not be able view your private files. Zoolz does not use RC4 cipher.

Some of its other features includes facial & photo detection, eDiscovery, OCR for 100 scanned documents and protection against ransomware.

One point should be noted that Zoolz 100GB free account can be taken for lifetime. This lifetime account is available for limited users. You can also get 75GB of free cloud storage with its introductory offer.

Also you don’t have worry about data deletion, if you don’t renew it. Data in cloud will just put o restricted access and won’t be deleted.


2. Shared.com

100GB Free Cloud Storage

Shared.com will also provide you a hefty 100GB cloud storage absolutely free. You can sign up with your Facebook account or with an individual working email. Below are the features included in Shared.com cloud storage service.

  • Simple And Smooth Interface

The user interface of Shared.com is very simple and fats. You can easily organize, share and upload any file with ease. The interface of the service feels very smooth.

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  • Fast Speed

Shared.com servers allows you to upload any file at its top speed. You will never notice nay slow-down. It will also increase your efficiency and productivity.

  • Security

Shared.com always ensures you that the data on their servers are stored with top security measures applied on it. All of the data in their accounts will always remain private. So there is no need to worry about privacy and security.

  • Forget Apps And Client Software

With Shared.com, you can upload & share files with ease. There is no need to download any app or client software. Sharing & uploading will be done straight from the web browser.

  • To share any a number files, you can easily organize them and share it.

3. Degoo

Degoo is another online storage service which provides up to 100GB of cloud storage absolutely free. It work on a concept of sharing unused hard drive space. Some of its best features are listed below.

  • Security

It use military grade encryption for data before uploading it to the cloud.

  • Automatic Backup

Now you don’t need to worry about your data backup. It automatically backup, stores and sync data from your mobile devices.

  •  Streaming

Its full screen player allows you stream music & videos in real-time without waiting for download to get finished.

It’s easy to use file explorer allows you to view and share files directly from the app. It also have mobile app available for android and iOS.


Now you have got the way to get 100GB free cloud storage. All of these free cloud storage service will give your 100GB Free cloud storage individually. If you want more than 100GB of cloud storage, you can sign up for all these 3 cloud services and in total you will get 300GB of cloud storage. That’s a huge amount of cloud storage for individual purposes.

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