Best Free Web Browsers For Android: So you are looking for best free web browser for android. Most of us now browse the web in our smartphones. The usage of internet on mobile is increasing day by day. People don’t always want to look at the big screen of laptop or desktop computers. They just want to browser the web with more comfort.

Today’s smartphones &  tablets are very comfortable to hold in one hand. They can even take their mobile in the bathroom. The lightweight & portability of modern mobile device is one of the reason people are browsing the web on their phone. Also mobile manufacturer are launching next generation mobile device at very low-cost.

Best Free Web Browsers For Android

Telecom companies are also providing data packs at affordable price. So people are becoming addicted to internet. Personally, mostly I use my android smartphone to make a Google Search, browsing websites & blogs, social media websites and email. Most of the time, I do these task on my mobiles’ web browser.

A good mobile web browser is essential to browse any website comfortably on mobile. A mobile web browser should be fast, feature-rich and secure. There are some popular android web browser available in Google Play Store. All of them are very fast & secure.

Let us take a look at the list of top 5 best free web browsers for android.

List Of Best Free Web Browsers For Android

Below is the list of best free web browsers for android.

1. Firefox Browser For Android

Best Free Web Browsers For Android


Yes, it’s the same Firefox which you use on your desktop or laptop computer. Firefox’s both android & desktop version are developed by Mozilla. Firefox browser for android is the best web browser in my experience. Web Pages will load instantly in Firefox web browser. You will notice its blazing speed instantly.

Its one of the most customizable browser available in Google Play Store. Some of its best features are listed below.


  • Fast, Smart & Safe
  • You can customize the home panel of the web browser as you like.
  • You can sync the Firefox desktop tabs, history, bookmarks and passwords on all of your devices.
  • Great support for HTML5
  • Support mobile videos in wide range of formats.
  • Firefox is the best web browser if your are concerned about your privacy.

Website like Lifehacker and VentureBeat has given great reviews about Firefox for android. You can get more information from it official website here.

2. Chrome Browser

Best Free Web Browsers For Android

Most of you had already aware about Chrome web browser. Google Chrome is the most popular web browser for desktop. If you want same functionality of Chrome in your android device then use its android version.

You will surely gonna love the simplicity of Chrome. The web page loading speed in Chrome is quite fast as Firefox.


  • Its sync feature let you to access your favorite bookmarks, history and opened tabs across multiple devices including laptop, mobile and smartphone.
  • While browsing, it saves data up to 50 percent.
  • Google voice search let you to find answers without typing.
  • With Google Translate, you can read a web page in any language.
  • Gestures support
  • Full HTML5 Support
  • Incognito mode help you to keep your browsing session private.

3. UC Browser

Best Free Web Browsers For Android

UC Browser is another one of the best web browser for android. It’s also one of the feature-rich web browser available for android. I can say it an all in one web browser. It’s because of it awesome speed for Searching, Browsing, Downloading, Video, Gaming and Shopping.

If you like to download video, images or any other file in your mobile than there is nothing like UC Browser. It is the best android web browser for downloading.


  • Simple but clean user interface
  • Gestures control for tab management
  • Private web browsing option also available
  • With its Night Mode, you can comfortable read web pages at night.
  • You can customize UC Browser with theme available in UC Theme Center.

4. Dolphin Browser For Android

Best Free Web Browsers For Android

Dolphin browser is another free but one of the best web browser for android. If you want a fast web browser for your android device then you should give “Dolphin Browser” a try. You will loves its amazing speed.


  • You can create your own gesture to access the web.
  • Sonar technology in Dolphin Browser will let you to use your voice to search, navigate websites &  share and bookmark favorite websites.
  • Flash support is also provided for better video watching & gaming experience.
  • Many useful addons for this browser are also available.
  • With the hep of addons, you can also download HTML5 videos from Hulu, Vine and many another websites.
  • You can also sync your bookmarks, history, passwords and open tabs across various device including Android and Apple’s device. To sync from desktop browser, use Dolphin Connect.
  • Speed dial, themes and Web App Store are some of the prominent feature of Dolphin Browser.

5. Opera Browser For Android

Best Free Web Browsers For Android

Opera Browser For Android is the android web browser from Opera Software. Its simple, fast and secure web browser.


  • Sync your bookmarks, history, open tabs and speed dial across various device and take the web wherever you go.
  • Private browsing
  • Get latest news from tech, sports and more straight in the browser.
  • With Opera Turbo, you can save a big chuck of data while browsing.

6. Maxthon: Best Web Browser For Android

Best Free Web Browsers For Android

Maxthon is the best web browser for android in terms of HTML 5 score. It also provides faster & smartest web browsing in your smartphone and tablet.


  • Speed dial for your favorite websites and media
  • With Cloud Push, you can send any image, tab and links to any other device with Maxthon.
  • Private Browsing
  • Readers mode allow you to view any article more comfortably
  • Flash video support
  • Advanced Gesture Control

7. CM Browser

Best Free Web Browsers For Android

CM Browser is a popular web browser Cheetah Mobile. Its a small, speedy but highly secure web browser. Its best features are listed below.


  • Speed dial
  • Malicious Download Protection
  • Preload Mechanism helps it to render web pages at fast speed.
  • Security & Privacy options are also available
  • Page Translator

8. Opera Mini

Best Free Web Browsers For Android

If you browse web on your mobile then I am sure that you are already know about Opera Mini. Opera Mini is my personal favorite web browser. It provides a simple user interface for fast web browsing.

If you are browsing in slow internet connection, Opera Mini can significantly boost the web page loading speed. Some of its best features include data saving, private browsing, night mode and smarter downloading.


So this the list of best web browsers for android. If you are still stuck with android’s default browser, you should try one of these browsers. Firefox For Android and Chrome are our pick of the android web browser.

If you are already using one of these web browser, post your experience in comment section

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