Review 2023: Best WordPress Hosting Control Panel

Best WordPress Hosting Control Panel: This article discusses about the top WordPress control panels, which enable you to host WordPress on your own servers such VPS servers, cloud servers.

Are you familiar with control panels? System administrators have used control panels to manage their servers for many years.

However, over the past few years, something exciting has been happening. The Software as a Service paradigm has inspired a few panels, with Serverpilot being one of the first.

Developers, administrators, and other IT experts utilise control panels to manage servers, apps, infrastructures, etc. So it is safe to say that a WordPress Control Panel is just a “Hosting Control Panel” made specifically for managing WordPress.

Almost every startup and big companies are using cloud servers to deploy any application.

You may easily and quickly deploy a server on any cloud server, including DigitalOcean, AWS, Vultr, Google Cloud, and others. You need a strong cloud management panel to manage the server and deploy web apps on it.

There are various WordPress control panels available, such as ServerPilot and RunCloud, however they have significant drawbacks.

With a lightning-fast control panel, CloudStick is one of the best options to ServerPilot and RunCloud.

What is Cloudstick?

Cloudstick is a powerful cloud-based WordPress control panel that enables you to quickly and easily manage your cloud-servers in real time. It is one of best WordPress hosting control panel. You can start a free 10-days trial with CloudStick to gain access to cutting-edge technologies that let you work with your team and install applications onservers with ease

As the system takes care of server maintenance for you, you no longer need to bother about it, saving a tonne of time.

Key Features

  • Powerful Database Management

For each user, CloudStick simplifies all aspects of database maintenance. CloudStick offers centralised management choices, in contrast to the majority of SaaS solutions. Users no longer need to pick each server separately in order to carry out database activities, which is a lifesaver.

  • Server Management

With CloudStick, we have made Server Management easy for all, offering peace of mind. Our unique and custom control panel offers an enhanced user experience and the power to manage extensively rich features and functionality available. CloudStick frees users from the complications of handling web server maintenance tasks, as our system does it for you.

You can easily manage PHP extensions. Services running on the servers can be managed easily and effectively. Real-time server monitoring is also provided.

  • Effortless Backup

Backups should be quick and easy so you can concentrate more on client needs and less on maintenance and troubleshooting. In comparison to the conventional backup techniques provided by other providers, CloudStick’s enhanced backup feature enables users to backup more quickly and with less data usage.

With a single click, the backup can also be downloaded to a local computer.

  • Efficient Email Hosting

The robust Control Panel of CloudStick Mail is the administrator’s go-to location for all settings, setup, and customization. User addition and deletion, forwarder and webmail configuration, DNS authentications, and more.

  • Excellent Security

We have developed the optimum formula for the security controls and settings after a thorough research of user requirements and satisfaction levels. There are much more security configuration options available than with any other cloud provider currently in operation.

Customers can choose to prevent specific nations from accessing the entire server with just a few clicks, with the exception of States of America.

Anyone can activate the Anti-Bruteforce shield using CloudStick with only a single click. It has a feature that alters the game!

  • Free Migartion

Choose CloudStick and receive risk-free 100% FREE migration for all of your accounts. No matter how complicated your migration is, our committed support team is ready to help! Enjoy easy website migration and minimal downtime.

  • Expert Support

CloudStick team provides expert customer support via call, chat and email. You a Real Time Response from the support staff, who are available around the clock.


Choose yearly billing to get the best deals on the market’s most economical plans.

With the free plan, you may get started managing a single server and an unlimited number of hosting accounts.

It is the most popular plan because it is affordable and capable of managing a single server and an infinite number of hosting accounts.

You can manage an infinite number of servers with more sophisticated capabilities under the Pro plan, which is $150 per year.

How To Install WordPress with CloudStick Panel

First you need to create a server with your cloud service provider.

Choose the server, and click on Manage. Scroll down to the server specification, and click on Web Applications.

Click on Create Account and you will find 1-click web applications like WordPress, Joomla, Nodejs, NextCloud, phpMyAdmin, or custom web application.

Installing WordPress applications on your server is quick and easy with one-click. In your dashboard, click on 1-click WordPress installer.

Provide the necessary information like email address, web application name, and either choose your domain name or choose a free domain.

Then, select the PHP version, web application stack (Native Nginx or Nginx + Apache) , and enter a username and password for WordPress dashboard. 

Finally click on Add Web Application and your WordPress site is ready.

Now you can customize it by installing WordPress themes and plugins as you want.

Conclusion: Is It The Best WordPress Hosting Control Panel

With CloudStick, WordPress hosting is simple and free. You can use more premium features by updgrading your plan.

In my view, CloudStick is most advacned yet simple to use cloud-based control panel. If you are dealing in deploying cloud servers then CloudStick is highly recommended.

If you are looking a best WordPress hosting control panel then “Cloudstick” is highly recommended.

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