How to Make Money from Feet Pics

Are you looking for some passive income? Have you always dreamed of being a model but don’t meet the strict (sometimes unrealistic) requirements?  You’ve come to the right place! With over 30% of all fetishes having to do with feet, there are plenty of ways for you to make money selling feet pics!

While this may seem like an unconventional way of bringing in extra money, kinksters are willing to pay top dollar for very specific and attractive feet pics. From feet in socks or high heels to dirty feet and even anatomy-specific photos (i.e. heels, toes, arches, etc.), there’s a huge market for foot pictures.

Are you ready to learn just how to make money from selling pictures of your feet? Keep reading and we’ll offer tips and tricks to get your foot in the door (pun intended).

Know Where to Go

The only way to successfully make money selling feet pics is to target the right selling platforms. Where do all the foot fetish lovers hang out? Where do they go to purchase feet pics?

There are countless websites and apps out there that connect interested buyers with motivated sellers like yourself. Funwithfeet and FeetFinder are two of the most popular marketplaces for buying and selling feet pictures.

Registration is fairly simple. Both buyers and sellers must go through a verification process to confirm authentic content and payment. Buyers can browse uploaded photos in a variety of categories including dirty feet, flat feet, mature, pedicure, tattoos, and more! Members can also subscribe to a specific seller’s page for exclusive content for a monthly fee. The best part is, buyers and sellers can communicate directly to fill special requests and negotiate a price.

Some platforms are anonymous while others require you to share your identity. Others pay more for photos with your face in them, while some accept pictures of just your feet. Ultimately, the choice is yours. Be sure to research the platform you use before signing a contract or sending in any photos. With no registration fee or investment on your part, selling feet pics online to make money is fast, easy, and secure.

Other pages to check out include Dollar Feet, Instafeet, Foap, and other social media platforms (more on this later).

Who Buys Feet Pics, Anyway?

Before you start selling any product or service, you need to identify your target audience. While foot fetish fanatics make up a majority of people buying foot pics online, these aren’t your only customers. Many professionals purchase feet pictures online for a variety of reasons. For example, podiatrists and podiatry websites, modeling agencies that specialize in feet, and shoe companies may all purchase your feet pics for their ad campaigns and other promotions.

Other creative minds and artists are also attracted to feet pics. Artists that specialize in sculpting may use your foot pics for inspiration or as a muse. People selling their goods on Etsy including jewelry, tattoo art, and lotions or body products need foot pictures to showcase their products. DOn’t limit yourself to just selling your pictures to people with a foot fetish or those living a kinky lifestyle. Plenty of people are in need of foot pics just like yours for much more traditional reasons. Keep this in mind when taking, posing, and posting your photos. The more versatile they are, the broader your customer base will be.

Take Flattering Photos

As with any form of photography, there’s an art to taking feet pics that people will actually want to buy.

Start by finding out what type of pictures people are after. You’d be surprised at some of the unconventional feet pictures and categories there are available. In addition to the ones mentioned above, other popular categories include:

  • Smelly
  • Toenails
  • Lotion
  • Socks
  • Dancer
  • BDSM
  • Boots
  • Fishnet
  • Humiliation
  • Measuring
  • Soles
  • Sandals

But before you do, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Healthy Feet Don’t Have to Be Pretty

First of all, you don’t need perfect feet. In fact, the more natural and unique your feet are, the better. Some buyers actually look for long toes, toe hair, and dirty feet. Others prefer feet with a fresh pedicure or sexy shoes. In general, keep your feet and toes looking clean and healthy. While many buyers love weird or gross feet, you should keep them clean and moisturized.

Create a Beautiful Backdrop

While your feet will be the stars of the show, the backdrop and surroundings in your feet pics are important too. Like with any photo shoot, the perfect picture takes time and plenty of preparation. Don’t rush the process. Make sure you choose a comfortable position so you can hold it for long periods of time. Get creative with your backdrop and settings. Use colorful blankets with different patterns, pillows, different lighting, and plenty of gorgeous accessories. You can also take your photoshoot on the road, snapping pictures in unconventional places like near the water, beach, or a park.

Be Unique

A unique, customizable picture will get you noticed and help you make even more money on your feet pictures. Even with healthy feet and gorgeous props, a generic, unflattering photo won’t score you any attention or income. Try taking the picture from a variety of angles. Don’t just let your feet sit there, lifeless. Try to add dimension to the photo by curling your toes, arching your feet, or even holding props and objects between them. Some sellers try telling a story with a series of photos. This is ideal if you’re selling on a platform where buyers pay for exclusive content. Your foot story can help draw them in!

Advertise Your Feet Pics

Even if you snap the most unique and gorgeous photos, if no one knows about them, you can’t possibly sell them or make money. That’s where some innovative advertising and marketing come into play.

Social Media

In addition to selling your feet pics on websites designed specifically for feet fetish lovers, you can also make a pretty penny advertising and selling your photos using social media. The only problem here is that most social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok don’t allow direct payments for digital content. That means you need to use these platforms to advertise your delicious-looking feet and then direct your followers to either a personal blog, website or an OnlyFans page to complete the purchase or transaction.

Direct messenger is another great way to communicate with prospective buyers and negotiate a price (more on this in a minute). You can also accept specific requests or custom photos which bring in even more revenue. Don’t forget to include plenty of hashtags with your social media posts. This helps get more eyes on your beautiful feet pics and generate both interest and income. In addition to Instagram and Facebook, Snapchat, TikTok, and Twitter are becoming increasingly popular outlets for foot fetish kinksters seeking an outlet for their desires.

Start a Website or Blog

If writing is another trick up your sleeve (or should we say sock?), why not start a foot fetish blog? Now, you’re in control of every piece of content and every photo on the page. You can include articles on foot health, caring for your feet, foot fetishes, shoes, and more! Showcase your gorgeous feet front and center on the homepage. Make browsing photographs and making purchases simple and convenient for visitors.

Simply having a blog with content about feet and foot fetishes will help you generate traffic and interest when people search things like, “foot fetish”, “where to buy feet pics?”, or even “sexy feet pics”. Be consistent with posting and create a website that’s both attractive and easy to navigate. Even if you don’t sell your feet pics directly through your blog, in time, you can monetize your blog through advertising and affiliate marketing.

Understand (and Obey) the Laws

One thing some people don’t think about when selling feet pictures online is legality. Selling feet pictures online is completely legal, as long as you’re 18 years of age or older. Most selling platforms require age verification when registering. You also need to have full rights to the images. The good news is, if they’re your feet and you haven’t sold the photos elsewhere or given up your rights to them, then you can sell them without worry.

Selling feet pictures online is legal in the United States, Canada, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom. Some countries have strict laws or religious beliefs that make selling feet pictures illegal, so be sure to check your local laws before you start making money on your photos.

Set Your Price

When looking to make money from selling feet pics, the most important question you have is likely, “How much should I charge?” There’s no set price for feet pictures. The real question is, how much is someone willing to pay?

If you sell your feet pics on a marketplace like Feet Finder, you’ll have to share a portion of your proceeds with the website. In many cases, you keep 80% and the platform takes 20%. Other websites like Dollar Feet buy your photos and videos from you upfront for a flat fee. Prices start at $15 but can exceed $100 for specialty photos or videos.

You can stand to make even more money when selling your feet pics independently. Some foot fetish buyers are willing to pay several hundred dollars for a specific foot picture or video. Several factors influence the price including your experience and reputation, the quality of the photos, and if they fit into a rare niche or market. As with most professions, beginners will likely make less money for their pictures or videos, but can quickly gain notoriety and interest. The more sought-after you are, the more you can charge.

Follow Your Modeling Dreams

Appealing to foot fetish kinksters isn’t the only way to make money from selling feet pics. You can also become a foot model. Companies will pay for you to model their shoes or accessories. Opportunities include modeling for shoe and sandal companies, jewelry, home-ware and beauty brands, and pharmaceutical companies. Similar to taking flawless pictures for foot fetish websites, foot modeling requires a high-quality portfolio that showcases some of your best angles!

Online photo stock websites like Deposit and Shutterstock are always looking for quality photos to add to their inventory. Countless online users download foot pictures for a variety of reasons and certain websites will pay you up to $1 per photo. While that doesn’t seem like a lot, it adds up fast! Especially if you sell to multiple websites. Sites like Shutterstock will pay you every time your photo is downloaded.

Think Outside the Shoebox

Treating your feet like a canvas opens up even more opportunities for making money from feet pics.

Websites like Etsy and Zazzle let you sell accessories and products that compliment your beautiful feet. Temporary tattoos and jewelry are two examples. Place a few beautiful tattoos on the top of your feet and ankles or model some homemade toe rings or ankle bracelets. In addition, Etsy lets you sell digital photographs — including feet pictures!

Similar to Etsy, Zazzle is an online selling website where users can create personalized gifts or products using independent manufacturers. That means you can print attractive pictures of your feet on T-shirts, mugs, pillows, and countless other products and then sell them.

Start Making Money Selling Feet Pics Today!

Now more than ever people are looking for creative and convenient ways to make money online. Are you looking for a good side hustle but aren’t sure where to start? Countless people are making money from feet pics and now you can too!

Whether you’re taking your own flattering feet pics and marketing them on social media or taking up foot modeling, your gorgeous tootsies can help bring in some much-needed income. Just be sure to read the fine print before signing any contracts or selling feet pics online. Do your research first. As with any online business, it’s important to stay compliant and always do things legally.

Now, go invest in that pedicure or killer pair of heels and get ready to start generating passive income selling feet pics!

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