Loginizer Review 2023: A Trusted WordPress Security Plugin

Security of your WordPress blog is one of the serious matter for which every blogger is concerned about. Are you giving priority to WordPress security. If not then your WordPress-based blog is exposed to several malicious hack attacks. If you are website or blog got hacked or malware infection then Google may deindex your blog due to security reasons.

Do you want to risk your blog’s data to malicious attack? If not, what step you follow in order to keep your blog secure? One of the best way to make a WordPress blog secure is to install a WordPress security plugin. Though 100 percent website security can not be attained and no one can claim to make website fully secure. Installing is a security plugin is all about to prevent the any hacker attack on the blog.

So which WordPress security plugin on your plugin. There are many decent plugin available in WordPress plugin repository. One of the best WordPress security plugin I have used is “Loginizer”.

What Is Loginizer

Loginizer is an easy-to-use security plugin that handles all of your security issues. It comes with a default setup that is ideal for defending against Brute Force attacks on your website. With Loginizer, you can whitelist or ban IPs for login. To increase the security of your website, you can make use of additional features like Two Factor Auth, reCAPTCHA, PasswordLess Login, etc.

More than a million active sites trust the Loginizer WordPress plugin. The plugin has got about 800+ reviews with five stars on wordpress.org

Key Features

  • Brute Force Protection

Using Loginizer’s brute force protection, you can stop hackers’ recurrent efforts to enter your account.

  • reCaptcha

ReCAPTCHA uses challenging tasks to stop fraudulent website activity and safeguards your website from fraud and abuse.

  • Blacklist IP’s

Make a list of suspicious IP addresses so that users who belong to them won’t be allowed to access the website.

  • Two-Factor Authentication via email & app

Make the login process two-step secure. For safe login, set up a two-factor authentication by email. For safe login, set up two-factor authentication using a mobile device or authenticator apps.

  • MD5 Checksum

To find out if anything has been modified or malicious code has been added, run an MD5 checksum on your website’s CORE files.

  • Extended Lockouts

Configure Auto LOCKOUT for IPs after a maximum number of unsuccessful tries. There are pre-configured optimal parameters that you can modify.

  • Rename Login Page

The wp-login.php link can be changed to a custom one so that only you know the login URL and nobody else can log in.

  • Detailed Logs

Using loginizer, you can quickly keep an eye on suspicious activity and get complete logs of failed attempts.

  • Disable XML-RPC

Remove or rename the XML-RPC from the xmlrpc.php page, which WordPress opens by default, to avoid brute force attacks.


Loginizer has four types of plans along with a free plan. These plans includes Free, Personal, Blogger, Professional and Business plans. The free plan comes with limted set of features.


Using its email assistance system, Loginizer offers a top-notch support staff that is always available. From what I’ve seen, they’ve proven to be quite responsive and helpful. All of the issues I had created were solved by them.


Loginizer seems to an excellent security plugin for your WordPress site. If you want premium features of this plugin, you need buy the premium version of the plugin.

All in all, we highly recommend “Loginizer” for your WordPress security needs.

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